Tuesday, July 16, 2013

foundation for dry skin and Anti-Aging Make Up SPF 15

This post will tell you two things best liquid foundation dry sensitive skin and Anti-Aging Make Up SPF 15.Just have a look at it. Features of Clinique’s Repairwear Anti-Aging Make-up SPF 15 Non-allergenic – Your face is perhaps the most sensitive part of your body, and reacts immediately to any outer potentially dangerous stimuli, developing allergic reactions, so you must be very cautious when you use cosmetics of any kind. Luckily, this one underwent many tests before being released on the market and you can use it without worries. Convenient package – It includes a pump that you can use to spread the content more easily. Non-oily – The oil-free content makes this product ideal for all types of skin. At the end of the day, your skin looks shiny and healthy, without you resenting the unpleasant sensation of wearing a greasy, heavy mask. Balanced formula – Clinique’s Repairwear Anti-Aging Make-up SPF 15 is made of natural ingredients, including many herbal extracts that are carefully combined to work for all skin types. Several shades available – It is basically impossible not to find the right shade for your skin, considering all the nuances this cream covers. Sun-protective – With a level of the SPF of 15, you can rest assured knowing that your skin will not suffer the damaging effects of the burning sun and of the radiations that come with it. Clinique’s Repairwear Anti-Aging Make-up SPF 15 Advantages Skin rejuvenating effect – Thanks to the special formula with herbal extracts, the aging effects are not only stopped, but the skin becomes more firm and healthy. After only several uses, your face regains its youthful aspect. Efficient covering – Thanks to the pump incorporated in the package, the make-up is easily spread, and efficiently absorbed in the skin, conferring it a natural appearance. Fine lines, scares, spots or freckles are perfectly covered, and the results become visible immediately. Long lasting effects - Clinique’s Repairwear Anti-Aging Make-up SPF 15 has an up to 24 h duration, without any further corrections being necessary. From this point of view, it is ideal to be used both on vacations and at work, because you do not have to check and retouch it every two or three hours. Natural appearance – It is given by the fact that no oil is incorporated in the formula, and the make-up is airy, allowing the skin to breath. Also, a large variety of tones are available, so you can pick the one closest to the natural color of your skin. Cons Despite the many positive characteristics of this product, there are some customers who pointed out to some minor drawbacks. For instance, they say that the palette of shades available does not covering every skin tone. If you reflect a little more on this aspect, you come to admit that things are the same for any cosmetic product. Any individual is unique, and it is impossible to create tones that fit absolutely everybody. Reviews Many women use this product, and they are absolutely thrilled with the results. Some of them observed a considerable improvement of their skin’s texture. Others remarked that the aging process is really slowed down, so they can enjoy a fresh look for a longer period of time. Another common remark of many of the users is related to how long the make-up lasts and to how wonderful it is to attend a party or a social event without having to retouch one’s make-up.

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